24. French Canadian.
Classic Who, Big Finish, Sapphire and Steel, Quantum Leap, Scarlet Pimpernel, Conrad Veidt, Marius Goring, Alan Rickman.

You've been warned.


Anonymous asked
Pourquoi t'es pas sur gallifrance?

/comment démarrer une polémique…

errr… parce que ça m’a pas plu, et qu’il y a 2 ou 3 personnes que je peux pas me voir.

ramon-salamander asked
Linaaaaaaaaaaa make sure you rinse the watermelon before you cut it. Just a fact. CA has me kinda crazy. ~Alex

I don’t touch it. With Nasca around, I’m sure he puts some drugs and other weird stuffs in the watermelon (with his ring). Here are the 3 rules you should follow:

- Don’t touch it

- Don’t eat it

- Don’t criticize the holy melon

Whodunnit, episode “Last Tango in Tooting”
"It will be remembered that [Jon] chaired a quiz show called Whodunnit?. I was involved in one of the sketches which required me to do an old-fashioned tango and and then fall to the floor writhing in agony because of a poisoned dart in my shoe. I was uncertain how far to go in my death-throes. The director encouraged me to do more and more. He told me that it was, after all, supposed to be an exaggerated death.

"Jon rang me the next day, after he’d seen the sketch, and said, ‘Well done Brig, I didn’t know you could do comedy.’

Ah well.”

- an extract from Nicholas Courtney’s fond tribute to Jon Pertwee, Doctor Who Magazine, July 1996.